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GENTLEMAN, noun. A well‐mannered or charming man.
GENTLEMAN, noun. A man of breeding or higher class.
GENTLEMAN, noun. A polite term referring to a man.
GENTLEMAN, noun. (in plural only) (gentlemen) A polite form of address to a group of men.
GENTLEMAN, noun. (in plural possessive) (gentlemen's) Toilets intended for use by men.
GENTLEMAN, noun. (cricket) A cricketer of independent wealth, who does not (require to) get paid to play the sport.
GENTLEMAN, noun. (euphemistic) (of a man) Amateur.
GENTLEMAN ABOUT TOWN, noun. Alternative form of man about town
GENTLEMAN AND SCHOLAR, noun. Alternative form of scholar and gentleman
GENTLEMAN COW, noun. (obsolete) (euphemistic) A bull.
GENTLEMAN FARMER, noun. A man who farms his own land, but small-scale, not for a living.
GENTLEMAN FARMERS, noun. Plural of gentleman farmer
GENTLEMAN OF LEISURE, noun. A gentleman who is of independent means and so does not need employment, one who is free from duties and responsibilities, a dilettante.
GENTLEMAN OF THE BACK DOOR, noun. (idiomatic) (1811) A person, chiefly a homosexual, who has anal sex.
GENTLEMAN SCIENTIST, noun. (historical) A financially independent male scientist who pursues scientific study as a hobby.
GENTLEMAN USHER OF THE BLACK ROD, proper noun. (British) the sergeant-at-arms in the House of Lords

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GENTLEMAN, noun. A man of refinement.
GENTLEMAN, noun. A manservant who acts as a personal attendant to his employer; "Jeeves was Bertie Wooster's man".

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