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BOWING, verb. Present participle of bow (bend)
BOWING, noun. The act of bending at the waist, as a sign of respect or greeting.
BOWING, noun. A bending.
BOWING, noun. A technique for bowing a musical instrument, such as a violin.
BOWING AND SCRAPING, verb. Present participle of bow and scrape
BOWING AND SCRAPING, noun. Obsequious or deferential behaviour.
BOWING OUT, verb. Present participle of bow out
BOWING STONE, noun. A cromlech.

Dictionary definition

BOWING, noun. Bending the head or body or knee as a sign of reverence or submission or shame or greeting.
BOWING, noun. Managing the bow in playing a stringed instrument; "the violinist's bowing was excellent".
BOWING, adjective. Showing an excessively deferential manner.

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