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BOB, verb. (intransitive) To move gently and vertically, in either a single motion or repeatedly up and down, at or near the surface of a body of water, or similar medium.
BOB, verb. (transitive) To move (something) as though it were bobbing in water.
BOB, verb. To curtsy.
BOB, verb. To strike with a quick, light blow; to tap.
BOB, noun. A bobbing motion.
BOB, noun. A bobber.
BOB, noun. A curtsy.
BOB, noun. A bob haircut.
BOB, noun. Any round object attached loosely to a flexible line, a rod, a body part etc., so that it may swing when hanging from it
BOB, noun. The dangling mass of a pendulum or plumb line.
BOB, noun. The docked tail of a horse.
BOB, noun. A short line ending a stanza of a poem.
BOB, noun. The short runner of a sled.
BOB, noun. A small wheel, made of leather, with rounded edges, used in polishing spoons, etc.
BOB, noun. A working beam in a steam engine.
BOB, noun. A particular style of ringing changes on bells.
BOB, noun. A blow; a shake or jog; a rap, as with the fist.
BOB, noun. (obsolete) A knot or short curl of hair; also, a bob wig.
BOB, noun. (obsolete) The refrain of a song.
BOB, noun. (obsolete) A jeer; a sharp jest or taunt.
BOB, verb. (transitive) To cut (hair) into a bob haircut.
BOB, verb. (transitive) To shorten by cutting; to dock; to crop
BOB, verb. Short form of bobsleigh
BOB, noun. (UK & Australia) (historical) (dated slang) A shilling.
BOB, noun. (Australia) (dated slang) A 10-cent coin.
BOB, noun. (slang) An unspecified amount of money.
BOB, noun. Abbreviation of shishkabob.
BOB, noun. (computer graphics) (demoscene) A graphical element, resembling a hardware sprite, that can be blitted around the screen in large numbers.
BOB, noun. Boliviano, the currency used in Bolivia.
BOB, noun. (humorous) Vibrator (device designed to stimulate a woman's genitals).
BOB, adjective. (philately) Back-of-the-book; denoting those stamps in a catalogue that are not used for the payment of regular postage fees, and are displayed separately in the catalogue after that listing; the division between these two groups varies with the publisher.
BOB, proper noun. A male given name, a form of Robert.
BOB, noun. A generic male person.
BOB, noun. (cryptography) (physics) (etc.) A placeholder name for the person or system receiving a message or signal from a source conventionally known as Alice.
BOB ANDY PIE, noun. A sweet pie, similar to a custard pie, spiced with cinnamon and cloves.
BOB ANDY PIES, noun. Plural of Bob Andy pie
BOB HAIRCUT, noun. A women's haircut in which both the bangs and back are cut in a straight line, with the back generally off the neck.
BOB HAIRCUTS, noun. Plural of bob haircut
BOB WIG, noun. A short wig with bobs or short curls.
BOB WIGS, noun. Plural of bob wig

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BOB, noun. A former monetary unit in Great Britain.
BOB, noun. A hair style for women and children; a short haircut all around.
BOB, noun. A long racing sled (for 2 or more people) with a steering mechanism.
BOB, noun. A hanging weight, especially a metal ball on a string.
BOB, noun. A small float usually made of cork; attached to a fishing line.
BOB, noun. A short or shortened tail of certain animals.
BOB, noun. A short abrupt inclination (as of the head); "he gave me a short bob of acknowledgement".
BOB, verb. Move up and down repeatedly; "her rucksack bobbed gently on her back".
BOB, verb. Ride a bobsled; "The boys bobbed down the hill screaming with pleasure".
BOB, verb. Remove or shorten the tail of an animal.
BOB, verb. Make a curtsy; usually done only by girls and women; as a sign of respect; "She curtsied when she shook the Queen's hand".
BOB, verb. Cut hair in the style of a bob; "Bernice bobs her hair these days!".

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