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CHIVALRY, noun. (now rare) (historical) Cavalry; horsemen armed for battle.
CHIVALRY, noun. (obsolete) The fact or condition of being a knight; knightly skill, prowess.
CHIVALRY, noun. The ethical code of the knight prevalent in Medieval Europe, having such primary virtues as mercy towards the poor and oppressed, humility, honour, sacrifice, fear of God, faithfulness, courage and utmost graciousness and courtesy to ladies.
CHIVALRY, noun. Courtesy, respect and honourable conduct between opponents in wartime.
CHIVALRY, noun. Courteous behaviour, especially that of men towards women.
CHIVALRY, noun. (UK) (legal) (historical) A tenure of lands by knightly service.

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CHIVALRY, noun. Courtesy towards women.
CHIVALRY, noun. The medieval principles governing knighthood and knightly conduct.

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