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MINSTREL, noun. (historical) A medieval traveling entertainer who would sing and recite poetry, often to his own musical accompaniment.
MINSTREL, noun. One of a troupe of entertainers who wore black makeup (blackface) to present a variety show of song, dance and banjo music; now considered racist.
MINSTREL GALLERY, noun. A balcony or loft for musicians in a hall or church
MINSTREL SHOW, noun. (theater) A variety show performed by minstrels, primarily white people in blackface.
MINSTREL SHOWS, noun. Plural of minstrel show

Dictionary definition

MINSTREL, noun. A singer of folk songs.
MINSTREL, noun. A performer in a minstrel show.
MINSTREL, verb. Celebrate by singing, in the style of minstrels.

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