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PIPER, noun. A musician who plays a pipe.
PIPER, noun. A bagpiper.
PIPER, noun. A baby pigeon.
PIPER, noun. A common European gurnard (Trigla lyra), having a large head, with prominent nasal projection, and with large, sharp, opercular spines.
PIPER, noun. A sea urchin (Goniocidaris hystrix) with very long spines, native to the American and European coasts.
PIPER, noun. Archaic form of pepper.
PIPER, proper noun. A taxonomic genus within the family Piperaceae   — pepper plants that yield the fruit from which the spice is made.
PIPER, proper noun. An occupational surname​.
PIPER, proper noun. A female given name used since the mid-twentieth century, first by the American actress Piper Laurie.
PIPER GURNARD, noun. Trigla lyra, a triglid fish.
PIPER LONGUM, noun. A misspelling for the botanic name Piper longum, a species of genus Piper (pepper)
PIPER LONGUM, noun. A taxonomic species within the family Piperaceae   — the long peppers.

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PIPER, noun. Someone who plays the bagpipe.
PIPER, noun. Type genus of the Piperaceae: large genus of chiefly climbing tropical shrubs.

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