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FARCE, noun. (uncountable) A style of humor marked by broad improbabilities with little regard to regularity or method; compare sarcasm.
FARCE, noun. (countable) A motion picture or play featuring this style of humor.
FARCE, noun. (uncountable) A situation abounding with ludicrous incidents.
FARCE, noun. (uncountable) A ridiculous or empty show.
FARCE, verb. To stuff with forcemeat.
FARCE, verb. (figurative) To fill full; to stuff.
FARCE, verb. (obsolete) To make fat.
FARCE, verb. (obsolete) To swell out; to render pompous.

Dictionary definition

FARCE, noun. A comedy characterized by broad satire and improbable situations.
FARCE, noun. Mixture of ground raw chicken and mushrooms with pistachios and truffles and onions and parsley and lots of butter and bound with eggs.
FARCE, verb. Fill with a stuffing while cooking; "Have you stuffed the turkey yet?".

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