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JEST, noun. (archaic) An act performed for amusement; a joke.
JEST, noun. (archaic) Someone or something that is ridiculed; the target of a joke.
JEST, noun. (obsolete) A deed; an action; a gest.
JEST, noun. (obsolete) A mask; a pageant; an interlude.
JEST, verb. To tell a joke; to talk in a playful manner; to make fun of something or someone.

Dictionary definition

JEST, noun. A humorous anecdote or remark intended to provoke laughter; "he told a very funny joke"; "he knows a million gags"; "thanks for the laugh"; "he laughed unpleasantly at his own jest"; "even a schoolboy's jape is supposed to have some ascertainable point".
JEST, noun. Activity characterized by good humor.
JEST, verb. Tell a joke; speak humorously; "He often jokes even when he appears serious".
JEST, verb. Act in a funny or teasing way.

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