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OBSCENE, adjective. Offensive to current standards of decency or morality
OBSCENE, adjective. Lewd or lustful
OBSCENE, adjective. Disgusting or repulsive
OBSCENE, adjective. Beyond all reason
OBSCENE, adjective. Liable to deprave or corrupt

Dictionary definition

OBSCENE, adjective. Designed to incite to indecency or lust; "the dance often becomes flagrantly obscene"-Margaret Mead.
OBSCENE, adjective. Offensive to the mind; "an abhorrent deed"; "the obscene massacre at Wounded Knee"; "morally repugnant customs"; "repulsive behavior"; "the most repulsive character in recent novels".
OBSCENE, adjective. Suggestive of or tending to moral looseness; "lewd whisperings of a dirty old man"; "an indecent gesture"; "obscene telephone calls"; "salacious limericks".

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