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STATUTE, noun. Written law, as laid down by the legislature.
STATUTE, noun. (legal) (Common law) Legislated rule of society which has been given the force of law by those it governs.
STATUTE BOOK, noun. (informal) (legal) All the statutes and laws of a given jurisdiction, whether or not listed in an actual book.
STATUTE BOOKS, noun. Plural of statute book
STATUTE LAW, noun. (legal) (countable) A law enacted by a legislative body.
STATUTE LAW, noun. (legal) (uncountable) The complete corpus of laws enacted by legislation and currently in effect within a jurisdiction.
STATUTE MILE, noun. (UK) The mile of 5,280 feet or 1,760 yards, distinguished from the traditional mile of 5,000 feet employed before the 1593 Weights and Measures Act.
STATUTE MILE, noun. (US) The US survey mile, distinguished from the international mile adopted by treaty in the 1950s.
STATUTE MILE, noun. The land mile in its various forms, distinguished from the nautical mile.
STATUTE MILES, noun. Plural of statute mile
STATUTE OF FRAUDS, noun. A statute that bars enforcement of an oral contract.
STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS, noun. (legal) Any law that sets a time limit, after which a person may not be tried for a crime, or after which some other legal action may not take place.

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STATUTE, noun. An act passed by a legislative body.
STATUTE, adjective. Enacted by a legislative body; "statute law"; "codified written laws".

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