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BARRED, adjective. Having bars; striped.
BARRED, adjective. Prevented.
BARRED, verb. Simple past tense and past participle of bar
BARRED ANTSHRIKE, noun. A passerine bird of the antbird family,Thamnophilus doliatus
BARRED ANTSHRIKES, noun. Plural of barred antshrike
BARRED OWL, noun. A large American owl (Strix varia) with dark brown transverse bars on the breast.
BARRED OWLS, noun. Plural of barred owl
BARRED SPIRAL GALAXIES, noun. Plural of barred spiral galaxy
BARRED SPIRAL GALAXY, noun. (galaxy) A spiral galaxy with a central bar-shaped structure composed of stars.
BARRED TINAMOU, noun. A tinamou, Crypturellus casiquiare.
BARRED TINAMOUS, noun. Plural of barred tinamou

Dictionary definition

BARRED, adjective. Preventing entry or exit or a course of action; "a barricaded street"; "barred doors"; "the blockaded harbor".
BARRED, adjective. Marked with stripes or bands.

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