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CUCKOO, adjective. Crazy; not sane.
CUCKOO, noun. Any of various birds, of the family Cuculidae, famous for laying its eggs in the nests of other species; but especially the common cuckoo, Cuculus canorus, that has a characteristic two-note call.
CUCKOO, noun. The sound of that particular bird.
CUCKOO, noun. The bird shaped figure found in Swiss/German clocks (cuckoo clocks) or the clock itself.
CUCKOO, noun. Someone found where they shouldn't be (used especially in the phrase a cuckoo in the nest).
CUCKOO, noun. Someone who is crazy.
CUCKOO, verb. To make the call of a cuckoo
CUCKOO, verb. To repeat something incessantly
CUCKOO CATFISH, noun. Synodontis multipunctatus, a small African catfish.
CUCKOO CLOCK, noun. A clock that announces the time by a cuckoo sound, often equipped with a mechanical cuckoo.
CUCKOO CLOCKS, noun. Plural of cuckoo clock
CUCKOO DOVE, noun. Alternative spelling of cuckoo-dove
CUCKOO FOR COCOA PUFFS, adjective. (US) (slang) Crazy, insane, irrational.
CUCKOO HASHING, noun. (computing) (programming) A scheme for resolving hash collisions, using two hash functions instead of one, and allowing a newly inserted key to "kick out" any existing key at the same index.
CUCKOO SIGN, noun. A gesture, consisting of a twirling motion of a finger near the temple, that indicates that a person may have a screw loose.
CUCKOO SPIT, noun. A frothy mass of white liquid that is secreted onto plants by froghopper larvae and serves as a protective covering.
CUCKOO WASP, noun. Any of the many wasps of the family Chrysididae, that are kleptoparasites or parasitoids and are often brightly coloured.
CUCKOO WASPS, noun. Plural of cuckoo wasp

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CUCKOO, noun. A man who is a stupid incompetent fool.
CUCKOO, noun. Any of numerous European and North American birds having pointed wings and a long tail.
CUCKOO, verb. Repeat monotonously, like a cuckoo repeats his call.

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