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RUSTY, adjective. Affected by rust.
RUSTY, adjective. Of the rust color, reddish or reddish-brown.
RUSTY, adjective. Having red or reddish-brown hair.
RUSTY, adjective. Lacking recent experience, out of practice, especially with respect to a skill or activity.
RUSTY, adjective. Discolored and rancid; reasty.
RUSTY NAIL, noun. A cocktail made by mixing Drambuie and Scotch.
RUSTY NAILS, noun. Plural of rusty nail
RUSTY TINAMOU, noun. A tinamou, Crypturellus brevirostris.
RUSTY TINAMOUS, noun. Plural of rusty tinamou
RUSTY TROMBONE, noun. (vulgar) The act of performing anilingus whilst reaching in between the legs to administer manual stimulation of the penis.

Dictionary definition

RUSTY, adjective. Covered with or consisting of rust; "a rusty machine"; "rusty deposits".
RUSTY, adjective. Of the brown color of rust.
RUSTY, adjective. Impaired in skill by neglect.
RUSTY, adjective. Ancient; "hoary jokes".

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