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BRUSH, noun. An implement consisting of multiple more or less flexible bristles or other filaments attached to a handle, used for any of various purposes including cleaning, painting, and arranging hair.
BRUSH, noun. A piece of conductive material, usually carbon, serving to maintain electrical contact between the stationary and rotating parts of a machine.
BRUSH, noun. The act of brushing something.
BRUSH, noun. (uncountable) Wild vegetation, generally larger than grass but smaller than trees (Wikipedia).
BRUSH, noun. A short and sometimes occasional encounter or experience.
BRUSH, noun. The furry tail of an animal, especially of a fox.
BRUSH, noun. (zoology) A tuft of hair on the mandibles.
BRUSH, noun. (archaic) A short contest, or trial, of speed.
BRUSH, noun. (music) An instrument, resembling a brush, used to produce a soft sound from drums or cymbals.
BRUSH, noun. (computer graphics) An on-screen tool for "painting" a particular colour or texture.
BRUSH, noun. (video games) In 3D video games, a convex polyhedron, especially one that defines structure of the play area.
BRUSH, noun. (poker) (slang) The floorperson of a poker room, usually in a casino.
BRUSH, noun. (North Wisconsin, uncountable) Evergreen boughs, especially balsam, locally cut and baled for export, usually for use in wreathmaking.
BRUSH, verb. To clean with a brush.
BRUSH, verb. To untangle or arrange with a brush.
BRUSH, verb. To apply with a brush.
BRUSH, verb. To remove with a sweeping motion.
BRUSH, verb. To touch with a sweeping motion, or lightly in passing.
BRUSH ASIDE, verb. (idiomatic) To disregard, dismiss or ignore something, as unimportant.
BRUSH ASIDE, verb. (idiomatic) To defeat with ease.
BRUSH BORDER, noun. The microvilli-covered surface of simple cuboidal epithelium and simple columnar epithelium cells found in certain parts of the body.
BRUSH BORDERS, noun. Plural of brush border
BRUSH BOW, noun. (dog sledding) The curved piece out in front of the main body of a sled, designed to stop brush from damaging the sled.
BRUSH BY, verb. (idiomatic) To walk past another person, touching them slightly, normally by accident, and ignoring them.
BRUSH CUT, noun. A closely-cropped male haircut in which the hairs stick upward, like the short bristles of a brush.
BRUSH DOWN, verb. Used other than as an idiom: see brush,‎ down. To remove something with a brush, or ones hands using a downward brushing motion.
BRUSH DOWN, verb. (idiomatic) To straighten up one's clothes and to tidy up one's appearance.
BRUSH OFF, noun. Alternative spelling of brush-off
BRUSH OFF, verb. Used other than as an idiom: see brush,‎ off. To remove something with a brush.
BRUSH OFF, verb. (idiomatic) To disregard (something), to dismiss or ignore (someone), as unimportant.
BRUSH OFF, verb. To depart with a sweeping motion.
BRUSH OFFS, noun. Plural of brush off Alternative spelling of brush-offs
BRUSH RABBIT, noun. A small species of cottontail rabbit found in the Pacific slope of the western United States and Baja California, Sylvilagus bachmani.
BRUSH RABBITS, noun. Plural of brush rabbit
BRUSH TURKEY, noun. Alternative spelling of brush-turkey
BRUSH TURKEYS, noun. Plural of brush turkey
BRUSH UP, verb. To paint, or make clean or bright with a brush.
BRUSH UP, verb. (idiomatic) To review; to improve an existing but rusty or underdeveloped skill.
BRUSH WHEEL, noun. A wheel without teeth, used to turn a similar one by the friction of bristles or something brush-like or soft attached to the circumference.
BRUSH WHEEL, noun. A circular revolving brush used by turners, lapidaries, silversmiths, etc., for polishing.
BRUSH WHEELS, noun. Plural of brush wheel
BRUSH WOLF, noun. A small wolf found in western North America

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BRUSH, noun. A dense growth of bushes.
BRUSH, noun. An implement that has hairs or bristles firmly set into a handle.
BRUSH, noun. Momentary contact.
BRUSH, noun. Conducts current between rotating and stationary parts of a generator or motor.
BRUSH, noun. A bushy tail or part of a bushy tail (especially of the fox).
BRUSH, noun. A minor short-term fight.
BRUSH, noun. The act of brushing your teeth; "the dentist recommended two brushes a day".
BRUSH, noun. The act of brushing your hair; "he gave his hair a quick brush".
BRUSH, noun. Contact with something dangerous or undesirable; "I had a brush with danger on my way to work"; "he tried to avoid any brushes with the police".
BRUSH, verb. Rub with a brush, or as if with a brush; "Johnson brushed the hairs from his jacket".
BRUSH, verb. Touch lightly and briefly; "He brushed the wall lightly".
BRUSH, verb. Clean with a brush; "She brushed the suit before hanging it back into the closet".
BRUSH, verb. Sweep across or over; "Her long skirt brushed the floor"; "A gasp swept cross the audience".
BRUSH, verb. Remove with or as if with a brush; "brush away the crumbs"; "brush the dust from the jacket"; "brush aside the objections".
BRUSH, verb. Cover by brushing; "brush the bread with melted butter".

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