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STRAND, noun. The shore or beach of the sea or ocean; shore; beach.
STRAND, noun. (poetic) (archaic or regional) The shore or beach of a lake or river.
STRAND, noun. A small brook or rivulet.
STRAND, noun. (UK dialectal) (Northern England) (Scotland) A passage for water; gutter.
STRAND, verb. (transitive) (nautical) To run aground; to beach.
STRAND, verb. (transitive) (figuratively) To leave (someone) in a difficult situation; to abandon or desert.
STRAND, verb. (transitive) (baseball) To cause the third out of an inning to be made, leaving a runner on base.
STRAND, noun. Each of the strings which, twisted together, make up a yarn, rope or cord.
STRAND, noun. A string.
STRAND, noun. An individual length of any fine, string-like substance.
STRAND, noun. (electronics) A group of wires, usually twisted or braided.
STRAND, noun. (broadcasting) A series of programmes on a particular theme or linked subject.
STRAND, noun. (figurative) A sequence of linked events or facts; a logical thread.
STRAND, noun. (genetics) A nucleotide chain.
STRAND, verb. (transitive) To break a strand of (a rope).
STRAND, proper noun. A street in Westminster running from Trafalgar Square to Fleet Street
STRAND LINE, noun. (geology) the line that marks the interface between land and water; a shoreline; it changes daily, and over geologic time

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STRAND, noun. A pattern forming a unity within a larger structural whole; "he tried to pick up the strands of his former life"; "I could hear several melodic strands simultaneously".
STRAND, noun. Line consisting of a complex of fibers or filaments that are twisted together to form a thread or a rope or a cable.
STRAND, noun. A necklace made by a stringing objects together; "a string of beads"; "a strand of pearls";.
STRAND, noun. A very slender natural or synthetic fiber.
STRAND, noun. A poetic term for a shore (as the area periodically covered and uncovered by the tides).
STRAND, noun. A street in west central London famous for its theaters and hotels.
STRAND, verb. Leave stranded or isolated with little hope of rescue; "the travellers were marooned".
STRAND, verb. Drive (a vessel) ashore.
STRAND, verb. Bring to the ground; "the storm grounded the ship".

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