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PENCIL, noun. (obsolete) A paintbrush.
PENCIL, noun. Writing utensil that uses graphite (commonly referred to as lead). Regular pencils usually have a graphite shaft surrounded by wood. Also available in a mechanical version where the graphite length can be adjusted and sharpening is not needed.
PENCIL, noun. (geometry) A family of geometric objects with a common property, such as the set of lines that pass through a given point in a projective plane.
PENCIL, noun. (optics) An aggregate or collection of rays of light, especially when diverging from, or converging to, a point.
PENCIL, noun. (medicine) (archaic) A small medicated bougie.
PENCIL, verb. To write something using a pencil
PENCIL BOX, noun. An object purposed to contain different stationery like pencil, rubber, correction fluid, etc.
PENCIL BOXES, noun. Plural of pencil box
PENCIL CASE, noun. An object purposed to contain different stationery like pencil, rubber, correction fluid, etc.
PENCIL CASES, noun. Plural of pencil case
PENCIL CRAYON, noun. (Canada) A colored pencil.
PENCIL CRAYONS, noun. Plural of pencil crayon
PENCIL DICK, noun. (slang) (vulgar) A penis with insufficient thickness
PENCIL DICK, noun. (slang) (vulgar) A man with a penis with insufficient thickness, usually used as a disparaging form of address
PENCIL DICKS, noun. Plural of pencil dick
PENCIL FLOWER, noun. An American perennial leguminous herb (Stylosanthes elatior).
PENCIL FLOWERS, noun. Plural of pencil flower
PENCIL IN, verb. (transitive) to fill in using pencil
PENCIL IN, verb. (idiomatic) (transitive) to provisionally schedule
PENCIL LEAD, noun. The material (usually black or dark gray) which allows a pencil to work. Usually a mixture of graphite and smaller amounts of other material, but not actual lead.
PENCIL MOUSTACHE, noun. Alternative form of pencil mustache
PENCIL MOUSTACHES, noun. Plural of pencil moustache
PENCIL OUT, verb. (business) Of an investment, to make sense financially or to be expected to generate the desired returns
PENCIL OUT, verb. (business) To roughly calculate the expected returns of an investment
PENCIL PINE, noun. Athrotaxis cupressoides, a tree native to Tasmania.
PENCIL PINE, noun. Cupressus sempervirens, a cypress native to the eastern Mediterranean region and widely planted as an ornamental.
PENCIL PINES, noun. Plural of pencil pine
PENCIL PLEAT, noun. A pleat with a semicylindrical appearance like a row of pencils, often used for curtains.
PENCIL PUSHER, noun. (idiomatic) (often derogatory) One who does routine office work; someone involved mainly in paperwork.
PENCIL PUSHERS, noun. Plural of pencil pusher
PENCIL SHARPENER, noun. A device used to sharpen pencils by shaving the wood at one end.
PENCIL SHARPENERS, noun. Plural of pencil sharpener
PENCIL SKIRT, noun. A slim skirt (clothing) with a straight and narrow cut, usually approximately knee-length.
PENCIL SKIRTS, noun. Plural of pencil skirt
PENCIL STUB, noun. A tiny pencil (either manufactured that way, or become that way through constant usage).
PENCIL STUBS, noun. Plural of pencil stub
PENCIL TEST, noun. An informal test of whether a girl needs to wear a bra, based on whether a pencil placed in the inframammary fold stays in place or not.
PENCIL TEST, noun. (South Africa) (historical) A method of determining racial identity, based on how easily a pencil pushed through a person's hair can be removed.
PENCIL TESTS, noun. Plural of pencil test
PENCIL TREE, noun. Euphorbia tirucalli, a shrub found in semi-arid tropical climates
PENCIL TREES, noun. Plural of pencil tree
PENCIL WHIP, verb. (idiomatic) To approve a document without actually knowing or reviewing what it is that is being approved.
PENCIL WHIP, verb. (idiomatic) To complete a form, record, or document without having performed the implied work or without supporting data or evidence.

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PENCIL, noun. A thin cylindrical pointed writing implement; a rod of marking substance encased in wood.
PENCIL, noun. Graphite (or a similar substance) used in such a way as to be a medium of communication; "the words were scribbled in pencil"; "this artist's favorite medium is pencil".
PENCIL, noun. A figure formed by a set of straight lines or light rays meeting at a point.
PENCIL, noun. A cosmetic in a long thin stick; designed to be applied to a particular part of the face; "an eyebrow pencil".
PENCIL, verb. Write, draw, or trace with a pencil; "he penciled a figure".

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