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MINI, adjective. Miniature, tiny, small.
MINI, noun. A miniskirt.
MINI, noun. (dated) A minicomputer.
MINI, noun. (rare) plural of minus
MINI, proper noun. A model of compact car, originally built by BMC in the United Kingdom, and later by BMW.
MINI CD, noun. A kind of compact disc with a smaller physical diameter and lesser storage capacity.
MINI CDS, noun. Plural of mini CD
MINI CUBE, noun. Pocket Cube
MINI CUBES, noun. Plural of Mini Cube
MINI DIGGER, noun. A small excavator with a swivelling superstructure, usually mounted on crawler tracks.
MINI DIGGERS, noun. Plural of mini digger
MINI EPHEDRINE, noun. A bronchodilator and expectorant made from ephedrine and guaifenesin
MINI EXCAVATOR, noun. Synonym of mini digger.
MINI EXCAVATORS, noun. Plural of mini excavator
MINI RUGBY, noun. A simplified form of rugby, with a smaller ball and pitch, designed to introduce the sport to children.
MINI STROKE, noun. (colloquial) transient ischemic attack

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MINI, noun. A very short skirt.
MINI, adjective. Used of women's clothing; very short with hemline above the knee; "a mini dress"; "miniskirts".

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