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MINIATURE, noun. Greatly diminished size or form; reduced scale.
MINIATURE, noun. A small version of something; a model of reduced scale.
MINIATURE, noun. A small, highly detailed painting, a portrait miniature.
MINIATURE, noun. The art of painting such highly detailed miniature works.
MINIATURE, noun. An illustration in an illuminated manuscript.
MINIATURE, noun. A musical composition which is short in duration.
MINIATURE, noun. (gaming) A token in a game representing a unit or character.
MINIATURE, noun. Lettering in red; rubric distinction.
MINIATURE, noun. A particular feature or trait.
MINIATURE, adjective. Smaller than normal.
MINIATURE, verb. (transitive) To make smaller than normal; to reproduce in miniature.
MINIATURE GOLF, noun. (golf) An informal form of golf, played with a putter on a short course featuring novelty obstacles.
MINIATURE PINSCHER, noun. A small breed of pinscher bred in Germany to hunt small vermin, especially rats.
MINIATURE POODLE, noun. A small poodle between 11-15 inches (28-38 cm)
MINIATURE POODLES, noun. Plural of miniature poodle

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MINIATURE, noun. Painting or drawing included in a book (especially in illuminated medieval manuscripts).
MINIATURE, noun. A copy that reproduces a person or thing in greatly reduced size.
MINIATURE, adjective. Being on a very small scale; "a miniature camera".

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