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FOLIO, noun. A leaf of a book or manuscript.
FOLIO, noun. (paper) A sheet of paper once folded.
FOLIO, noun. (books) A book made of sheets of paper each folded once (two leaves or four pages to the sheet); hence, a book of the largest kind, exceeding 30 cm in height.
FOLIO, noun. (printing) The page number. The even folios are on the left-hand pages and the odd folios on the right-hand.
FOLIO, noun. A page of a book.
FOLIO, noun. (accounting) a page in an account book; sometimes, two opposite pages bearing the same serial number.
FOLIO, noun. (legal) (dated) (19th century) (early) (20th century) A leaf containing a certain number of words, hence, a certain number of words in a writing, as in England, in law proceedings 72, and in chancery, 90; in New York, 100 words.
FOLIO, verb. To put a serial number on each folio or page of (a book); to page.
FOLIO POST, noun. (paper) A flat sheet of writing paper, usually 17 by 24 inches.

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FOLIO, noun. The system of numbering pages.
FOLIO, noun. A sheet of any written or printed material (especially in a manuscript or book).
FOLIO, noun. A book (or manuscript) consisting of large sheets of paper folded in the middle to make two leaves or four pages; "the first folio of Shakespeare's plays".

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