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PRINTING, noun. (uncountable) The process or business of producing printed material by means of inked type and a printing press or similar technology.
PRINTING, noun. (uncountable) Material that has been printed.
PRINTING, noun. (countable) All the copies of a publication that have been printed in one batch.
PRINTING, noun. (uncountable) Written characters that are not joined up.
PRINTING, verb. Present participle of print
PRINTING FORM, noun. An object, usually in the shape of a block or a plate, used in printing to apply ink on the printed surface.
PRINTING FORMS, noun. Plural of printing form
PRINTING FRAME, noun. (photography) A shallow box, usually having a glass front, in which prints are made by exposure to light.
PRINTING HOUSE, noun. A commercial company dealing in printing.
PRINTING HOUSES, noun. Plural of printing house
PRINTING IN, noun. (photography) A process by which cloud effects or other features not in the original negative are introduced into a photograph. Portions, such as the sky, are covered while printing and the blank space thus reserved is filled in by printing from another negative.
PRINTING OUT, verb. Present participle of print out
PRINTING OUT, noun. (photography) A method of printing in which the image is fully brought out by the direct actinic action of light, without subsequent development by means of chemicals.
PRINTING PRESS, noun. A mechanical device used for printing text or images repeatedly.
PRINTING PRESSES, noun. Plural of printing press
PRINTING ROLL, noun. In offset printing and flexography, a cylinder carrying the printing form.
PRINTING ROLL, noun. In gravure printing, a cylinder which is itself the printing form.
PRINTING SHOP, noun. A workshop used primarily for printing.

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PRINTING, noun. Text handwritten in the style of printed matter.
PRINTING, noun. The business of producing printed material for sale or distribution.
PRINTING, noun. Reproduction by applying ink to paper as for publication.
PRINTING, noun. All the copies of a work printed at one time; "they ran off an initial printing of 2000 copies".

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