Associations to the word «Drying»


DRYING, verb. Present participle of dry
DRYING, noun. The act of drying.
DRYING, noun. A method of food preservation by removing water.
DRYING AGENT, noun. Any compound that has an affinity for water such that it will extract it from other materials; a desiccant
DRYING HEIGHT, noun. (nautical) On a chart, the vertical distance of the seabed exposed by the tide at the lowest astronomical tide
DRYING MACHINE, noun. (nonstandard) A clothes dryer.
DRYING MACHINES, noun. Plural of drying machine
DRYING OFF, verb. Present participle of dry off
DRYING OIL, noun. An oil that hardens to a tough, solid film after a period of exposure to air.
DRYING OUT, verb. Present participle of dry out
DRYING TIME, noun. (construction) The time required for the loss of volatile components so that the material will no longer be adversely affected by weather conditions such as dew, rain or freezing.
DRYING UP, verb. Present participle of dry up

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