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DISTILLATION, noun. The act of falling in drops, or the act of pouring out in drops.
DISTILLATION, noun. That which falls in drops.
DISTILLATION, noun. (chemistry) (chemical engineering) The separation of the volatile parts of a substance from the more fixed; specifically, the operation of driving off gas or vapor from volatile liquids or solids, by heat in a retort or still, and the condensation of the products as far as possible by a cool receiver, alembic, or condenser; rectification; vaporization; condensation; as, the distillation of illuminating gas and coal, of alcohol from sour mash, or of boric acid in steam.
DISTILLATION, noun. The substance extracted by distilling.
DISTILLATION CHASER, noun. A substance used to force a distillate in a distillation, as it has a boiling point more than that of the substance to be extracted and less than that of the impurities. It is rarely used but mostly with fractional distillation when column packing is used. As it vapourises it heats the column packing and causes the trapped fluid to rise over.

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DISTILLATION, noun. The process of purifying a liquid by boiling it and condensing its vapors.
DISTILLATION, noun. A purified liquid produced by condensation from a vapor during distilling; the product of distilling.

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