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VODKA, noun. A clear distilled alcoholic liquor made from grain mash
VODKA, noun. A serving of the above beverage
VODKA, noun. (US standard of identity) Neutral spirits distilled (or treated after distillation) so as to have no distinctive character, aroma, taste, or color
VODKA LUGE, noun. An ice sculpture with a hole drilled through it; vodka or other spirit is poured through the hole into a glass or waiting mouth
VODKA LUGES, noun. Plural of vodka luge
VODKA SAUCE, noun. A pink Italian sauce made with tomatoes, vodka, herbs, and heavy cream.
VODKA TONIC, noun. An alcoholic beverage made with vodka and tonic water
VODKA TONICS, noun. Plural of vodka tonic

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VODKA, noun. Unaged colorless liquor originating in Russia.

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