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NITROGEN, noun. (uncountable) A chemical element (symbol N) with an atomic number of 7 and atomic weight of 14.0067.
NITROGEN, noun. (uncountable) Molecular nitrogen (N2), a colorless, odorless gas at room temperature.
NITROGEN, noun. (countable) A specific nitrogen within a chemical formula, or a specific isotope of nitrogen
NITROGEN CYCLE, noun. The natural circulation of nitrogen, in which atmospheric nitrogen is converted to nitrogen oxides by lightning and deposited in the soil by rain, where it is assimilated by plants and either eaten by animals (and returned as faeces) or decomposed back to elemental nitrogen by bacteria.
NITROGEN DIOXIDE, noun. (inorganic compound) the binary compound NO2, a brownish gas that is a poisonous air pollutant; it exists in equilibrium with dinitrogen tetroxide.
NITROGEN FIXATION, noun. (chemistry) (biochemistry) the conversion of atmospheric nitrogen into ammonia and organic derivatives, by natural means, especially such conversion, by microorganisms in the soil, into a form that can be assimilated by plants
NITROGEN FIXER, noun. (biochemistry) a plant or other organism which accomplishes nitrogen fixation
NITROGEN INVERSION, noun. (chemistry) The rapid inversion of the lone pair in a molecule such as a tertiary amine which prevents it from being chiral.
NITROGEN MONOXIDE, noun. Nitric oxide.
NITROGEN MUSTARD, noun. (chemistry) any of a series of compounds, analagous to mustard gas with sulfur replaced by nitrogen, that have been used in the treatment of cancer
NITROGEN NARCOSIS, noun. A condition of disorientation, intoxication and stupor caused by increased levels of dissolved nitrogen in the blood; occurs in divers breathing air under pressure; the "rapture of the deep".
NITROGEN OXIDE, noun. (chemistry) Any oxide of nitrogen.
NITROGEN PENTOXIDE, noun. (inorganic compound) dinitrogen pentoxide
NITROGEN TETROXIDE, noun. (chemistry) dinitrogen tetroxide
NITROGEN TRIBROMIDE, noun. (chemistry) the binary compound of nitrogen and bromine, NBr3; a dark red explosive liquid
NITROGEN TRICHLORIDE, noun. (chemistry) the binary compound of nitrogen and chlorine, NCl3; an unstable explosive liquid
NITROGEN TRIFLUORIDE, noun. (chemistry) The binary compound of nitrogen and fluorine, NF3; a corrosive gas.
NITROGEN TRIIODIDE, noun. (chemistry) The binary compound of nitrogen and iodine, NI3; a dark red explosive solid.

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NITROGEN, noun. A common nonmetallic element that is normally a colorless odorless tasteless inert diatomic gas; constitutes 78 percent of the atmosphere by volume; a constituent of all living tissues.

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