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BOILING, verb. Present participle of boil
BOILING, noun. The process of changing the state of a substance from liquid to gas by heating it to its boiling point.
BOILING, noun. (uncountable) An animation style with constantly changing wavy outlines, giving a shimmering or wobbling appearance.
BOILING, adjective. That boils or boil.
BOILING, adjective. (of a thing) (informal) (hyperbole) Extremely hot or active.
BOILING, adjective. (of a person) (informal) (hyperbole) Feeling uncomfortably hot.
BOILING, adjective. (of the weather) (hyperbole) Very hot.
BOILING, adverb. (of adjectives associated with heat) Extremely
BOILING FROG, noun. (idiomatic) (usually attributively) When referring to a situation gradually becoming worse, without those involved realizing the peril affecting them until it's too late.
BOILING HOT, adjective. (idiomatic) extremely hot (having a high temperature: of an object, the weather, a living creature)
BOILING MAD, adjective. (idiomatic) extremely angry
BOILING POINT, noun. (physics) The temperature at which a liquid boils, with the vapor pressure equal to the given external pressure.
BOILING POINT, noun. (idiomatic) The state of being heated, with high aggression.
BOILING POINTS, noun. Plural of boiling point
BOILING TUBE, noun. A small cylindrical vessel used to heat substances in the flame of a Bunsen burner.
BOILING TUBES, noun. Plural of boiling tube

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BOILING, noun. The application of heat to change something from a liquid to a gas.
BOILING, noun. Cooking in a liquid that has been brought to a boil.
BOILING, adverb. Extremely; "boiling mad".

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