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CURE, noun. A method, device or medication that restores good health.
CURE, noun. Act of healing or state of being healed; restoration to health from disease, or to soundness after injury.
CURE, noun. A solution to a problem.
CURE, noun. A process of preservation, as by smoking.
CURE, noun. A process of solidification or gelling.
CURE, noun. (engineering) A process whereby a material is caused to form permanent molecular linkages by exposure to chemicals, heat, pressure and/or weathering.
CURE, noun. (obsolete) Care, heed, or attention.
CURE, noun. Spiritual charge; care of soul; the office of a parish priest or of a curate.
CURE, noun. That which is committed to the charge of a parish priest or of a curate; a curacy.
CURE, verb. (transitive) To restore to health.
CURE, verb. (transitive) To bring (a disease or its bad effects) to an end.
CURE, verb. (transitive) To cause to be rid of (a defect).
CURE, verb. (transitive) To prepare or alter especially by chemical or physical processing for keeping or use.
CURE, verb. (intransitive) To bring about a cure of any kind.
CURE, verb. (intransitive) To be undergoing a chemical or physical process for preservation or use.
CURE, verb. (intransitive) To solidify or gel.
CURE, verb. (obsolete) (intransitive) To become healed.
CURE, verb. (obsolete) To pay heed; to care; to give attention.

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CURE, noun. A medicine or therapy that cures disease or relieve pain.
CURE, verb. Provide a cure for, make healthy again; "The treatment cured the boy's acne"; "The quack pretended to heal patients but never managed to".
CURE, verb. Prepare by drying, salting, or chemical processing in order to preserve; "cure meats"; "cure pickles"; "cure hay".
CURE, verb. Make (substances) hard and improve their usability; "cure resin"; "cure cement"; "cure soap".
CURE, verb. Be or become preserved; "the apricots cure in the sun".

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