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RELAPSE, verb. (intransitive) To fall back again; to slide or turn back into a former state or practice.
RELAPSE, verb. (intransitive) (medicine) (of a disease) To recur; to worsen, be aggravated.
RELAPSE, verb. To slip or slide back physically; to turn back.
RELAPSE, noun. The act or situation of relapsing.
RELAPSE, noun. (medicine) An occasion when a person becomes ill again after a period of improvement
RELAPSE, noun. (obsolete) One who has relapsed, or fallen back into error; a backslider.

Dictionary definition

RELAPSE, noun. A failure to maintain a higher state.
RELAPSE, verb. Deteriorate in health; "he relapsed".
RELAPSE, verb. Go back to bad behavior; "Those who recidivate are often minor criminals".

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