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TREATMENT, noun. The process or manner of treating someone or something.
TREATMENT, noun. ​Medical care for an illness or injury.
TREATMENT, noun. The use of a substance or process to preserve or give particular properties to something.
TREATMENT, noun. (countable) A treatise; a formal written description or characterization of a subject.
TREATMENT, noun. (countable) (film) A brief, third-person, present-tense summary of a proposed film.
TREATMENT, noun. (obsolete) entertainment; treat

Dictionary definition

TREATMENT, noun. Care provided to improve a situation (especially medical procedures or applications that are intended to relieve illness or injury).
TREATMENT, noun. The management of someone or something; "the handling of prisoners"; "the treatment of water sewage"; "the right to equal treatment in the criminal justice system".
TREATMENT, noun. A manner of dealing with something artistically; "his treatment of space borrows from Italian architecture".
TREATMENT, noun. An extended communication (often interactive) dealing with some particular topic; "the book contains an excellent discussion of modal logic"; "his treatment of the race question is badly biased".

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