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FEVER, noun. A higher than normal body temperature of a person (or, generally, a mammal), usually caused by disease.
FEVER, noun. (usually in combination with one or more preceding words) Any of various diseases.
FEVER, noun. A state of excitement (of a person or people).
FEVER, noun. A group of stingrays.
FEVER, verb. To put into a fever; to affect with fever.
FEVER AND AGUE, noun. (archaic) (pathology) malaria
FEVER BUSH, noun. American winterberry, Ilex verticillata.
FEVER PITCH, noun. (idiom) Extreme excitement

Dictionary definition

FEVER, noun. A rise in the temperature of the body; frequently a symptom of infection.
FEVER, noun. Intense nervous anticipation; "in a fever of resentment".

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