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PLATE, noun. A flat dish from which food is served or eaten.
PLATE, noun. (uncountable) Such dishes collectively.
PLATE, noun. The contents of such a dish.
PLATE, noun. A course at a meal.
PLATE, noun. (figuratively) An agenda of tasks, problems, or responsibilities
PLATE, noun. A flat metallic object of uniform thickness.
PLATE, noun. A vehicle license plate.
PLATE, noun. A layer of a material on the surface of something, usually qualified by the type of the material; plating
PLATE, noun. A material covered with such a layer.
PLATE, noun. (dated) A decorative or food service item coated with silver.
PLATE, noun. (weightlifting) A weighted disk, usually of metal, with a hole in the center for use with a barbell, dumbbell, or exercise machine.
PLATE, noun. (printing) An engraved surface used to transfer an image to paper.
PLATE, noun. (printing) (photography) An image or copy.
PLATE, noun. (printing) (publishing) An illustration in a book, either black and white, or colour, usually on a page of paper of different quality from the text pages.
PLATE, noun. (dentistry) A shaped and fitted surface, usually ceramic or metal that fits into the mouth and in which teeth are implanted; a dental plate.
PLATE, noun. (construction) A horizontal framing member at the top or bottom of a group of vertical studs.
PLATE, noun. (Cockney rhyming slang) A foot, from "plates of meat".
PLATE, noun. (baseball) Home plate.
PLATE, noun. (geology) A tectonic plate.
PLATE, noun. (historical) Plate armour.
PLATE, noun. (herpetology) Any of various larger scales found in some reptiles.
PLATE, noun. (engineering) (electricity) An electrode such as can be found in an accumulator battery, or in an electrolysis tank.
PLATE, noun. (engineering) (electricity) The anode of a vacuum tube.
PLATE, noun. (obsolete) A coin, usually a silver coin.
PLATE, noun. (heraldiccharge) A roundel of silver or tinctured argent.
PLATE, noun. A prize given to the winner in a contest.
PLATE, noun. (chemistry) Any flat piece of material such as coated glass or plastic.
PLATE, noun. (aviation) (travel industry) (dated) A metallic card, used to imprint tickets with an airline's logo, name, and numeric code.
PLATE, noun. (aviation) (travel industry) (by extension) The ability of a travel agent to issue tickets on behalf of a particular airline.
PLATE, noun. (Australia) A VIN plate, particularly with regard to the car's year of manufacture.
PLATE, noun. One of the thin parts of the brisket of an animal.
PLATE, noun. A very light steel horseshoe for racehorses.
PLATE, noun. (furriers' slang) Skins for fur linings of garments, sewn together and roughly shaped, but not finally cut or fitted.
PLATE, noun. (hat-making) The fine nap (as of beaver, musquash, etc.) on a hat whose body is made from inferior material.
PLATE, verb. To cover the surface material of an object with a thin coat of another material, usually a metal.
PLATE, verb. To place the various elements of a meal on the diner's plate prior to serving.
PLATE, verb. To perform cunnilingus.
PLATE, verb. (baseball) To score a run.
PLATE, verb. (aviation) (travel industry) To specify which airline a ticket will be issued on behalf of.
PLATE, noun. Precious metal, especially silver.
PLATE, proper noun. The River Plate.
PLATÉ, adjective. (heraldry) Semé (strewn) with plates.
PLATE APPEARANCE, noun. (baseball) A batter's completed turn in the batter's box, that usually results in an at-bat or walk, but may also result in a hit-by-pitch, sacrifice fly, sacrifice hit, or catcher's interference. If the third out of an inning is recorded prior to completion of the batter's turn, no plate appearance is credited to the batter, and he will lead off his team's next turn at bat.
PLATE APPEARANCES, noun. Plural of plate appearance
PLATE ARMOUR, noun. Metallic armour made of large pieces or plates.
PLATE BONE, noun. Scapula
PLATE GIRDER, noun. A beam built of steel plates and shapes welded or bolted together to form a deep beam larger than could be produced by a rolling mill
PLATE GLASS, noun. Sheet glass; a type of glass, initially produced in plane form, commonly used for windows, windshields, etc.
PLATE PAPER, noun. A heavy spongy paper, for printing from engraved plates.
PLATE POWDER, noun. A powder used to polish silverware, especially silver plate
PLATE POWDER, noun. A powder used as a denture fixative, for holding a false teeth plate in position.
PLATE PRESS, noun. A press with a flat carriage and a roller, used for printing from engraved steel or copper plates.
PLATE READER, noun. (chemistry) (biochemistry) A piece of laboratory equipment used to detect the changes that might occur in a microtiter plate.
PLATE SALE, noun. (Australia) (auto) A sale of cars from the previous year.
PLATE TECTONICS, noun. (geology) The large-scale movement of tectonic plates that contributes to continental drift.
PLATE WHEEL, noun. A wheel whose rim and hub are connected by a continuous plate of metal, instead of by arms or spokes.

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PLATE, noun. (baseball) base consisting of a rubber slab where the batter stands; it must be touched by a base runner in order to score; "he ruled that the runner failed to touch home".
PLATE, noun. A sheet of metal or wood or glass or plastic.
PLATE, noun. A full-page illustration (usually on slick paper).
PLATE, noun. Dish on which food is served or from which food is eaten.
PLATE, noun. The quantity contained in a plate.
PLATE, noun. A rigid layer of the Earth's crust that is believed to drift slowly.
PLATE, noun. The thin under portion of the forequarter.
PLATE, noun. A main course served on a plate; "a vegetable plate"; "the blue plate special".
PLATE, noun. Any flat platelike body structure or part.
PLATE, noun. The positively charged electrode in a vacuum tube.
PLATE, noun. A flat sheet of metal or glass on which a photographic image can be recorded.
PLATE, noun. Structural member consisting of a horizontal beam that provides bearing and anchorage.
PLATE, noun. A shallow receptacle for collection in church.
PLATE, noun. A metal sheathing of uniform thickness (such as the shield attached to an artillery piece to protect the gunners).
PLATE, noun. A dental appliance that artificially replaces missing teeth.
PLATE, verb. Coat with a layer of metal; "plate spoons with silver".

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