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STICKER, noun. Something that sticks
STICKER, noun. An adhesive label or decal
STICKER, noun. A brand, label, or company, especially one making and distributing records
STICKER, noun. A price tag
STICKER, noun. The listed price (also sticker price)
STICKER, noun. (informal) a burr or seed pod that catches in fur or clothing
STICKER, noun. A wooden strip placed between courses of lumber to allow air circulation. (also 'kiln sticker')
STICKER, noun. (colloquial) (dated) That which causes one to stick; that which puzzles or poses.
STICKER, noun. (music) A small wooden rod in an organ which connects (in part) a key and a pallet, so as to communicate motion by pushing.
STICKER, noun. (US) (politics) A paster.
STICKER, verb. To apply one or more stickers to (something)
STICKER, verb. To mark as the sticker price
STICKER, adjective. (nonstandard) (informal) comparative form of stick: more stick (stickier).
STICKER BOOK, noun. A booklet of self-adhesive stickers especially for use as rewards for children.
STICKER BOOK, noun. A pre-arranged booklet for the collection and placement of stickers as child entertainment.
STICKER PRICE, noun. (marketing) A price displayed on or near merchandise indicating a price at which the merchandise is offered for sale.
STICKER PRICES, noun. Plural of sticker price
STICKER SHOCK, noun. (idiomatic) (chiefly US) Disgust, shock, or fright upon learning the price of an item offered for sale.

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STICKER, noun. A small sharp-pointed tip resembling a spike on a stem or leaf.
STICKER, noun. An adhesive label.
STICKER, noun. A particularly difficult or baffling question or problem.
STICKER, noun. A short knife with a pointed blade used for piercing or stabbing.

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