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CASSETTE, noun. A small flat case containing magnetic tape on two reels, used to record and play back audio and video material.
CASSETTE, noun. Any similar small cartridge, such as for a computer disk or cassette air conditioner
CASSETTE, noun. (photography) A lightproof container for photographic film.
CASSETTE, noun. (genetics) A modular DNA sequence encoding one or more genes for a single biochemical function.
CASSETTE, noun. A set of sprockets mounted onto a splined shaft on the freehub.
CASSETTE, noun. A saggar (ceramic container used in a kiln)
CASSETTE AIR CONDITIONER, noun. A ceiling or wall mounted or suspended air conditioner, for when space is limited, because there is no available walls to mount a split system or where there is limited ceiling space for a ducted system.
CASSETTE DRIVE, noun. (computing) (archaic) a cassette tape interface unit for computers, used to read and/or write data to/from a minicassette.
CASSETTE DRIVE, noun. A drive mechanism used in a cassette deck to advance or rewind (drive) the tape by spinning the spools
CASSETTE DRIVES, noun. Plural of cassette drive
CASSETTE PLAYER, noun. A device capable of playing prerecorded cassette tapes
CASSETTE RECORDER, noun. A tape recorder that records on cassette tapes
CASSETTE TAPE, noun. A magnetic tape in a cassette, used to record and play audio or video.
CASSETTE TAPES, noun. Plural of cassette tape

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CASSETTE, noun. A container that holds a magnetic tape used for recording or playing sound or video.

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