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AUDIO, adjective. Of or relating to audible sound.
AUDIO, adjective. Of or relating to the broadcasting or reproduction of sound, especially high-fidelity reproduction.
AUDIO, noun. A sound, or a sound signal
AUDIO BOOK, noun. Alternative form of audiobook
AUDIO BOOKS, noun. Plural of audio book
AUDIO CASSETTE, noun. A cassette for audio data.
AUDIO CASSETTES, noun. Plural of audio cassette
AUDIO CD, noun. A CD containing digital audio data according to the Red Book standard.
AUDIO COIL, noun. A telecoil.
AUDIO COMMENTARY, noun. An audio track on a video recording that is timed to the footage of a film that typically consists of one or more people commenting about the film being shown.
AUDIO DESCRIPTION, noun. An audio track on a video recording that is timed to the footage of a film that typically consists of a narrator describing what is happening in the film being shown.
AUDIO DVD, noun. A DVD containing audio in DVD-Audio format
AUDIO DVDS, noun. Plural of audio DVD
AUDIO FREQUENCIES, noun. Plural of audio frequency
AUDIO FREQUENCY, noun. A frequency, or range of frequencies of sound waves, that are audible
AUDIO GUIDE, noun. Any of various forms of apparatus, either fixed or mobile, used to provide audio information at an exhibition, archeological site etc.
AUDIO GUIDES, noun. Plural of audio guide
AUDIO MASTERING, noun. (sound) A form of audio post-production, where the recorded audio is prepared and transferred from a source containing the final mix to a data-storage device called the "master".
AUDIO MASTERINGS, noun. Plural of audio mastering
AUDIO TOUR, noun. A tour where the information is given to the visitor through a collection of prerecorded speeches on a device that they carry around with them.

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AUDIO, noun. The audible part of a transmitted signal; "they always raise the audio for commercials".
AUDIO, noun. An audible acoustic wave frequency.
AUDIO, noun. A recording of acoustic signals.
AUDIO, noun. The sound elements of television.

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