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GRAPHICS, noun. The making of architectural or design drawings.
GRAPHICS, noun. The graphic arts.
GRAPHICS, noun. (computing) The pictorial representation and manipulation of data; the process by which a computer displays data.
GRAPHICS, noun. (computing) The art or visual representations displayed by a computer.
GRAPHICS CARD, noun. (computing) A circuit board that controls and calculates the visuals on a computer monitor.
GRAPHICS CARDS, noun. Plural of graphics card
GRAPHICS ENGINE, noun. (computing) Software engine in an application responsible for all functions pertaining to the graphics.
GRAPHICS ENGINES, noun. Plural of graphics engine
GRAPHICS TABLET, noun. (computing) An input device that enables a user to draw images by hand, as if with a pencil, and import them into a computer system.
GRAPHICS TABLETS, noun. Plural of graphics tablet
GRAPHICS WHORE, noun. (computer games) (derogatory) (vulgar) A fan of computer graphics; one who favours good graphics over gameplay.
GRAPHICS WHORES, noun. Plural of graphics whore

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GRAPHICS, noun. Photographs or other visual representations in a printed publication; "the publisher was responsible for all the artwork in the book".
GRAPHICS, noun. The drawings and photographs in the layout of a book.

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