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LP, noun. (countable) Long-play, generally used to refer to a 12" vinyl record that plays at 33 RPM.
LP, noun. (US) (politics) (uncountable) The Libertarian Party of the United States.
LP, noun. (business) (legal) Limited Partnership.
LP, noun. Liquid petroleum, or liquified petroleum, a fuel used for cooking.
LP, noun. Liquid propane.
LP, noun. (military) Listening post.
LP, noun. (medicine) Lumbar puncture.
LP, noun. (mathematics) Linear programming.
LP, noun. (gaming) (internet) Let's Play, generally used to refer to a video walkthrough using the format of "Let's Play (name of game)".
LP, noun. (knitting) loop

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LP, noun. A long-playing phonograph record; designed to be played at 33.3 rpm.

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