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LOADING, noun. (uncountable) The action of the verb to load.
LOADING, noun. (countable) A load, especially in the engineering and electrical engineering senses of force exerted, or electrical current or power supplied.
LOADING, noun. (Australia) (industrial relations) (countable) A hourly pay rate given to a casual employee which is higher than an equivalent full-time or part-time employee, usually paid to compensate for a lack of benefits such as sick leave or annual leave.
LOADING, verb. Present participle of load
LOADING SCREEN, noun. (computing) (dated) A graphical display shown while a program loads (e.g. from cassette tape), comparable to the splash screen in modern software.
LOADING SCREENS, noun. Plural of loading screen
LOADING SPACE, noun. The shaped cavity in a compression mold in which the substance to be molded is loaded
LOADING SPACES, noun. Plural of loading space
LOADING ZONE, noun. An area of a street or a parking lot indicating that spot is only to be used for the immediate loading or unloading of passengers, baggage or freight, or short term parking (10 minutes or less) is permitted for that purpose.
LOADING ZONES, noun. Plural of loading zone

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LOADING, noun. Weight to be borne or conveyed.
LOADING, noun. A quantity that can be processed or transported at one time; "the system broke down under excessive loads".
LOADING, noun. The ratio of the gross weight of an airplane to some factor determining its lift.
LOADING, noun. Goods carried by a large vehicle.
LOADING, noun. The labor of putting a load of something on or in a vehicle or ship or container etc.; "the loading took 2 hours".

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