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SHEAR, verb. To cut, originally with a sword or other bladed weapon, now usually with shears, or as if using shears.
SHEAR, verb. To remove the fleece from a sheep etc by clipping.
SHEAR, verb. (physics) To deform because of forces pushing in opposite directions.
SHEAR, verb. (Scotland) To reap, as grain.
SHEAR, verb. (figurative) To deprive of property; to fleece.
SHEAR, noun. A cutting tool similar to scissors, but often larger
SHEAR, noun. The act of shearing, or something removed by shearing
SHEAR, noun. (physics) forces that push in opposite directions.
SHEAR, noun. (geology) The response of a rock to deformation usually by compressive stress, resulting in particular textures.
SHEAR, adjective. Misspelling of sheer.
SHEAR CENTRE, noun. (mechanics) The point where a shear force can act without producing any twist in the section. In general not the centroid, but a point through which a force transverse to the axis of a beam section can act and not cause any twisting of the beam section.
SHEAR LEGS, noun. (nautical) A form of derrick, consisting of three poles and a block and tackle, used to hoist and lower heavy weights, especially the masts of sailing ships.
SHEAR STEEL, noun. A steel suitable for shears, scythes, and other cutting instruments, prepared from fagots of blistered steel by repeated heating, rolling, and tilting, to increase its malleability and fineness of texture.
SHEAR STRENGTH, noun. The resistance to forces that cause or tend to cause two contiguous parts of a body to slide relative to each other in a direction parallel to their contrast.
SHEAR STRESS, noun. (physics) the component of stress that causes parallel layers of a material to move relative to each other in their own planes.
SHEAR STRESSES, noun. Plural of shear stress
SHEAR VISCOSITY, noun. (uncountable) resistance to flowing
SHEAR VISCOSITY, noun. (countable) the measure of such
SHEAR WALL, noun. (architecture) Alternative form of shearwall
SHEAR WAVE, noun. (physics) A wave that changes the medium through which it travels to change its shape but not its volume or density.
SHEAR WAVES, noun. Plural of shear wave

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SHEAR, noun. (physics) a deformation of an object in which parallel planes remain parallel but are shifted in a direction parallel to themselves; "the shear changed the quadrilateral into a parallelogram".
SHEAR, noun. A large edge tool that cuts sheet metal by passing a blade through it.
SHEAR, verb. Cut with shears; "shear hedges".
SHEAR, verb. Shear the wool from; "shear sheep".
SHEAR, verb. Cut or cut through with shears; "shear the wool off the lamb".
SHEAR, verb. Become deformed by forces tending to produce a shearing strain.

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