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STIFFNESS, noun. Rigidity or a measure of rigidity.
STIFFNESS, noun. Inflexibility or a measure of inflexibility.
STIFFNESS, noun. Inelegance, lacking relaxedness.
STIFFNESS, noun. Muscular tension due to unaccustomed or excessive exercise or work

Dictionary definition

STIFFNESS, noun. The physical property of being inflexible and hard to bend.
STIFFNESS, noun. The property of moving with pain or difficulty; "he awoke with a painful stiffness in his neck".
STIFFNESS, noun. Firm resoluteness in purpose or opinion or action; "a charming host without any touch of stiffness or pomposity".
STIFFNESS, noun. The inelegance of someone stiff and unrelaxed (as by embarrassment).
STIFFNESS, noun. Excessive sternness; "severity of character"; "the harshness of his punishment was inhuman"; "the rigors of boot camp".

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