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IMPEDANCE, noun. (physics) A measure of the opposition to the flow of an alternating current in a circuit; the aggregation of its resistance, and inductive and capacitive reactances; the ratio of voltage to current treated as complex quantities.
IMPEDANCE, noun. (physics) A quantity analogous to electrical impedance in some other energy domain
IMPEDANCE, noun. (physics) (usually with “mechanical”) a measure of opposition to motion of something subjected to a force; the ratio of force to velocity treated as complex quantities.
IMPEDANCE, noun. (physics) (usually with “acoustic” or “sound”) the ratio of sound pressure to volume flow rate treated as complex quantities.
IMPEDANCE, noun. (by analogy) (software engineering) (usually with “mismatch”) a measure of the opposition caused by differences between two paradigms, especially between object-oriented development and relational databases
IMPEDANCE COIL, noun. (electricity) a coil of wire designed to provide impedance in an electric circuit
IMPEDANCE PLETHYSMOGRAPHY, noun. (medicine) A technique in which the volume of segments of the body can be continuously measured via electrical impedance; used to study the cardiovascular system and other physiological functions.

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IMPEDANCE, noun. A material's opposition to the flow of electric current; measured in ohms.

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