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INTRINSIC, adjective. Innate, inherent, inseparable from the thing itself, essential.
INTRINSIC, adjective. (of a body part, relating to anatomy) Situated, produced, secreted in, or coming from inside an organ, tissue, muscle or member.
INTRINSIC, noun. (computing) (programming) A built-in function that is implemented directly by the compiler, without any intermediate call to a library.
INTRINSIC, noun. (video games) An ability possessed by a character and not requiring any external equipment.
INTRINSIC BRIGHTNESS, noun. The brightness a star would have if not attenuated by distance or intervening gas or dust. As opposed to apparent brightness which it has as measured at a distance.
INTRINSIC BRIGHTNESSES, noun. Plural of intrinsic brightness
INTRINSIC MOTIVATION, noun. The incentive to undertake an activity based on the expected enjoyment of the activity itself, rather than external benefits that might result.
INTRINSIC MOTIVATIONS, noun. Plural of intrinsic motivation
INTRINSIC PROTEIN, noun. (protein) A protein (or group of proteins) permanently attached to a biological membrane by interactions between its hydrophobic dimer units and the phospholipids of the membrane
INTRINSIC PROTEINS, noun. Plural of intrinsic protein
INTRINSIC REWARD, noun. A reward, such as a compliment, that is intangible and invisible to others (as opposed to extrinsic reward).
INTRINSIC REWARDS, noun. Plural of intrinsic reward

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INTRINSIC, adjective. Belonging to a thing by its very nature; "form was treated as something intrinsic, as the very essence of the thing"- John Dewey.
INTRINSIC, adjective. Situated within or belonging solely to the organ or body part on which it acts; "intrinsic muscles".

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