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MEDIATE, verb. (transitive) To resolve differences, or to bring about a settlement, between conflicting parties.
MEDIATE, verb. (intransitive) To intervene between conflicting parties in order to resolve differences or bring about a settlement.
MEDIATE, verb. To divide into two equal parts.
MEDIATE, verb. To act as an intermediary causal or communicative agent; convey
MEDIATE, adjective. Acting through a mediating agency.
MEDIATE, adjective. Intermediate between extremes.
MEDIATE, adjective. Gained or effected by a medium or condition.

Dictionary definition

MEDIATE, verb. Act between parties with a view to reconciling differences; "He interceded in the family dispute"; "He mediated a settlement".
MEDIATE, verb. Occupy an intermediate or middle position or form a connecting link or stage between two others; "mediate between the old and the new".
MEDIATE, adjective. Acting through or dependent on an intervening agency; "the disease spread by mediate as well as direct contact".
MEDIATE, adjective. Being neither at the beginning nor at the end in a series; "adolescence is an awkward in-between age"; "in a mediate position"; "the middle point on a line".

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