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CONTAIN, verb. (transitive) To hold inside.
CONTAIN, verb. (transitive) To include as a part.
CONTAIN, verb. (transitive) To put constraint upon; to restrain; to confine; to keep within bounds.
CONTAIN, verb. (mathematics) (of a set etc.) (transitive) To have as an element.
CONTAIN, verb. (obsolete) (intransitive) To restrain desire; to live in continence or chastity.

Dictionary definition

CONTAIN, verb. Include or contain; have as a component; "A totally new idea is comprised in this paper"; "The record contains many old songs from the 1930's".
CONTAIN, verb. Contain or hold; have within; "The jar carries wine"; "The canteen holds fresh water"; "This can contains water".
CONTAIN, verb. Lessen the intensity of; temper; hold in restraint; hold or keep within limits; "moderate your alcohol intake"; "hold your tongue"; "hold your temper"; "control your anger".
CONTAIN, verb. Be divisible by; "24 contains 6".
CONTAIN, verb. Be capable of holding or containing; "This box won't take all the items"; "The flask holds one gallon".
CONTAIN, verb. Hold back, as of a danger or an enemy; check the expansion or influence of; "Arrest the downward trend"; "Check the growth of communism in South East Asia"; "Contain the rebel movement"; "Turn back the tide of communism".

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