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ILLUMINATION, noun. The act of illuminating, or supplying with light; the state of being illuminated.
ILLUMINATION, noun. Festive decoration of houses or buildings with lights.
ILLUMINATION, noun. Adornment of books and manuscripts with colored illustrations. See illuminate (transitive verb).
ILLUMINATION PROBLEM, noun. A mathematical problem, asking whether a room with mirrored walls can always be illuminated by a single-point light source, allowing for repeated reflection of light off the mirrored walls. It was solved in 1958: there are such rooms that cannot be thus illuminated.

Dictionary definition

ILLUMINATION, noun. A condition of spiritual awareness; divine illumination; "follow God's light".
ILLUMINATION, noun. The degree of visibility of your environment.
ILLUMINATION, noun. An interpretation that removes obstacles to understanding; "the professor's clarification helped her to understand the textbook".
ILLUMINATION, noun. The luminous flux incident on a unit area.
ILLUMINATION, noun. Painting or drawing included in a book (especially in illuminated medieval manuscripts).

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