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MAGNIFY, verb. (transitive) To praise, glorify (someone or something, especially god). [from 14th c.]
MAGNIFY, verb. (transitive) To make (something) larger or more important. [from 14th c.]
MAGNIFY, verb. (transitive) To make (someone or something) appear greater or more important than it is; to intensify, exaggerate. [from 17th c.]
MAGNIFY, verb. (transitive) To make (something) appear larger by means of a lens, magnifying glass, telescope etc. [from 17th c.]
MAGNIFY, verb. (intransitive) (slang) (obsolete) To have effect; to be of importance or significance.

Dictionary definition

MAGNIFY, verb. Increase in size, volume or significance; "Her terror was magnified in her mind".
MAGNIFY, verb. To enlarge beyond bounds or the truth; "tended to romanticize and exaggerate this `gracious Old South' imagery".
MAGNIFY, verb. Make large; "blow up an image".

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