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FOCAL, adjective. Belonging to, concerning, or located at a focus
FOCAL, adjective. (medicine) limited to a small area
FOCAL DEPTH, noun. (geology) The depth below the Earth's surface of the hypocentre of an earthquake.
FOCAL DEPTH, noun. (optics) The field of view of a camera that is in sharp focus.
FOCAL DEPTHS, noun. Plural of focal depth
FOCAL LENGTH, noun. (optics) The distance at which something (e.g. a lens, mirror etc.) is in focus; in air it is the distance along the optical axis from a "principal plane" of the lens to one of the lens's focal points.
FOCAL LENGTHS, noun. Plural of focal length
FOCAL PLANE, noun. (optics) Any plane perpendicular to the axis of a lens or mirror
FOCAL PLANE, noun. (optics) Such a plane, in a camera, microscope etc, in which the real image is in focus
FOCAL POINT, noun. (optics) A focus; a point at which rays of light or other radiation converge.
FOCAL POINT, noun. The centre of any activity.
FOCAL POINT, noun. (arts) (aesthetics) A feature that attracts particular attention.
FOCAL POINT, noun. (game theory) A solution that people will tend to use in the absence of communication, because it seems natural, special, or relevant.
FOCAL POINTS, noun. Plural of focal point

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FOCAL, adjective. Having or localized centrally at a focus; "focal point"; "focal infection".
FOCAL, adjective. Of or relating to a focus; "focal length".

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