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BENIGN, adjective. Kind; gentle; mild.
BENIGN, adjective. (medicine) Not posing any serious threat to health; not particularly aggressive or recurrent.
BENIGN NEGLECT, noun. (set phrase) (often politics or public policy) A policy or strategy of deliberately taking no action concerning an issue, challenging situation, or other problem in the belief that this course will ultimately result in the best outcome possible.
BENIGN TUMOR, noun. A tumor which can usually be removed without serious complications and will not be fatal to the patient.
BENIGN TUMORS, noun. Plural of benign tumor

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BENIGN, adjective. Not dangerous to health; not recurrent or progressive (especially of a tumor).
BENIGN, adjective. Pleasant and beneficial in nature or influence; "a benign smile"; "the benign sky"; "the benign influence of pure air".
BENIGN, adjective. Kindness of disposition or manner; "the benign ruler of millions"; "benign intentions".

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