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INCIDENCE, noun. The act of something happening; occurrence
INCIDENCE, noun. The extent, or the relative frequency of something happening
INCIDENCE, noun. (physics) The striking of radiation or a projectile upon a surface
INCIDENCE, noun. (epidemiology) A measure of the risk that a person develops a new condition within a specified period of time, usually a year.
INCIDENCE FUNCTION, noun. (mathematics) A function that assigns a pair of vertices to each edge of a graph.
INCIDENCE FUNCTIONS, noun. Plural of incidence function
INCIDENCE MATRIX, noun. (graph theory) A matrix showing the relationship between two classes of objects.

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INCIDENCE, noun. The relative frequency of occurrence of something.
INCIDENCE, noun. The striking of a light beam on a surface; "he measured the angle of incidence of the reflected light".

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