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MACRO, adjective. Very large in scope or scale.
MACRO, adjective. (cooking) (colloquial) macrobiotic
MACRO, noun. (programming) (computing) A comparatively human-friendly abbreviation of complicated input to a computer program.
MACRO, noun. (photography) macro lens
MACRO EXPANSION, noun. (computing) The source code (assembler or other language) created by interpretation of a macro
MACRO EXPANSIONS, noun. Plural of macro expansion
MACRO LANGUAGE, noun. (computing) Any programming language that encapsulates the state and operations inside objects, but especially an extension to an assembly language in which macroinstructions, containing a series of instructions, may be written
MACRO LANGUAGES, noun. Plural of macro language
MACRO LENS, noun. (photography) A lens that allows a camera to focus at very close range to photograph small objects.
MACRO LENSES, noun. Plural of macro lens
MACRO LEVEL ORIENTATION, noun. That part of sociology that characterizes society as a whole

Dictionary definition

MACRO, noun. A single computer instruction that results in a series of instructions in machine language.
MACRO, adjective. Very large in scale or scope or capability.

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