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ENTRANCE, noun. (countable) The action of entering, or going in.
ENTRANCE, noun. The act of taking possession, as of property, or of office.
ENTRANCE, noun. (countable) The place of entering, as a gate or doorway.
ENTRANCE, noun. (uncountable) The right to go in.
ENTRANCE, noun. The entering upon; the beginning, or that with which the beginning is made; the commencement; initiation.
ENTRANCE, noun. The causing to be entered upon a register, as a ship or goods, at a customhouse; an entering.
ENTRANCE, noun. (nautical) The angle which the bow of a vessel makes with the water at the water line.
ENTRANCE, noun. (nautical) The bow, or entire wedgelike forepart of a vessel, below the water line.
ENTRANCE, verb. (transitive) To delight and fill with wonder.
ENTRANCE, verb. (transitive) To put into a trance.
ENTRANCE EXAMINATION, noun. An examination used by an educational institution to select which students it will grant admission to.
ENTRANCE EXAMINATIONS, noun. Plural of entrance examination

Dictionary definition

ENTRANCE, noun. Something that provides access (to get in or get out); "they waited at the entrance to the garden"; "beggars waited just outside the entryway to the cathedral".
ENTRANCE, noun. A movement into or inward.
ENTRANCE, noun. The act of entering; "she made a grand entrance".
ENTRANCE, verb. Attract; cause to be enamored; "She captured all the men's hearts".
ENTRANCE, verb. Put into a trance.

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