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JUDICIAL, adjective. Of or relating to a court of law, or to the administration of justice.
JUDICIAL, noun. That branch of government which is responsible for maintaining the courts of law and for the administration of justice.
JUDICIAL ACTIVISM, noun. (legal) (pejorative) the act of replacing an impartial interpretation of existing law with the judge's personal feelings about what the law should be
JUDICIAL ASTROLOGY, noun. (now historical) The supposed divination of human affairs based on the motions of the stars and planets (as opposed to natural astrology). [from 16th c.]
JUDICIAL BRANCH, noun. The branch of government which is concerned with the administration of justice through the interpretation of the law.
JUDICIAL DAY, noun. (legal) A day on which a court is open.
JUDICIAL NOTICE, noun. (legal) In the law of evidence, the power of a court to deem the burden of proof to be established as to a particular fact without the introduction of evidence, because the fact is one that is a matter of common knowledge, or is readily demonstrated by reference to sources of unquestionable authority.
JUDICIAL OFFICER, noun. (legal) a public officer authorised to hear and decide cases in a court of law.
JUDICIAL REVIEW, noun. (legal) (uncountable) The doctrine, implemented in varying ways in differing jurisdictions, that authorities within the judicial branch of government may examine and make rulings on the legal validity of decisions and actions of the legislative and executive branches of government and, in some jurisdictions, of others within the judicial branch itself.
JUDICIAL REVIEW, noun. (legal) (countable) A judicial process undertaken under this doctrine.

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JUDICIAL, adjective. Decreed by or proceeding from a court of justice; "a judicial decision".
JUDICIAL, adjective. Belonging or appropriate to the office of a judge; "judicial robes".
JUDICIAL, adjective. Relating to the administration of justice or the function of a judge; "judicial system".
JUDICIAL, adjective. Expressing careful judgment; "discriminative censure"; "a biography ...appreciative and yet judicial in purpose"-Tyler Dennett.

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